We can't even believe our eyes with this one! The dreamiest oversized button up that we've ever had! The corduroy material is thick and the prettiest tie dye pattern is to die for! Such a laid back and cozy vibe and easy to layer, wear as an oversized shirt, jacket, or as a dress! Make it your own ladies!

Vintage Inspire Others Collection

The Kayes began as an outlet to channel our creativity but to also escape the stressors of everyday life. For as long as we can remember, we have always expressed ourselves through fashion, but more importantly, we have been on a constant search for inspiration. What we did not predict when beginning our journey as The Kayes was our ability to inspire others, but also to be inspired by other strong minded women simultaneously. We hope to inspire others to live life to its fullest potential and not to let fears get in the way of your dreams! Living each day with gratitude and positivity continues to inspire us each day to keep creating! We hope to continue using our platform to bring you the latest trends with a twist of inspiration. With that said, we set out to create a one-of-a-kind vintage inspired product for you!

Introducing the “Inspire Others Collection.”

Meet the Kayes

Meet the Kayes

The Kayes started out with a pair of sisters who were born and raised in Dallas, Texas. We are total opposites with especially different styles, but with the same love for fashion and latest trends. This project has been in the making for a few years and began after attending a local market featuring small business owners from Dallas.  We felt the immediate passion and excitement from these vendors, and with a quick look at each other, we knew we wanted to inspire others with our style. With that, The Kayes was born!

Our style encompasses our love for Texas combined with our constant desire for city life. Having both spent a significant amount of time living in big cities throughout college and grad school, we were mesmerized with the fast-paced lifestyle and diversity in fashion. We returned home, because, well, Texas will always have our heart. Our style is simple, relaxed and trendy. Each item is well thought out and hand picked; Pieces you will undoubtedly find us wearing. Our shop represents every girl's constantly changing style and we are so excited to share these goods with y'all!